Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis is scary and confusing – but YES! You can be healthy!

I know first hand! It took a lot of research and changes to create a new normal, and while I had loving support, I didn’t have someone who had been through this to talk to and learn from. 

So after making it through the “newly diagnosed” phase feeling good and healthy, this is what I would like to provide for others at this place in their lives, with Remembering Wellness Holistic Health Coaching.

I want to remind you that for all the things you may be forgetting with this mystery disease, never forget about your health, love, family, and friends.

Receive what help they offer with gratitude and appreciation. Release or change the things that are not helping, like unhealthy food, unloving relationships, or stressful situations. Most of all, stay positive. Remember the good things and the people that make you happy and laugh, and stick with those. It’s no joke that laughter is the best medicine! 

I can help you uncover your strength and courage to make the changes needed to bring about wellness.

I am here to coach you into this new journey, and to provide support with the questions, fears, and food confusion you may have.

I understand, and I want you to know that you can be healthy, and just happen to have MS.

We will focus on the whole person that you are, not just the disease.

Be well,

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